Copyright Notice: DMCA Takedown Request

If you would like to make a request under s. 41.25 of the Copyright Act to have a notice issued to a user of the Academic Wilds service, we require that the request be made via EMAIL to:

The request must:

  • 1) state the claimant’s name and address;
  • 2) identify the work to which the claimed infringement relates;
  • 3) state the claimant’s interest with respect to the copyright in the work;
  • 4) specify the location data for the electronic location to which the claimed infringement relates;
  • 5) specify the infringement that is claimed;
  • 6) specify the date and time of the commission of the claimed infringement;
  • 7) include payment of the fee ($15 CAD);
  • 8) contain any other information that may be prescribed by regulation.

Payment of the $15 fee for handling the complaint can be made via PayPal to Please note: we will not give out a user's information under any circumstances. Issuing a copyright notice does not entitle the copyright holder to a user's information. Nor will we scrutinize the notice, or take down the allegedly infringing material.